Wadden Electric is a dedicated team of Electricians that provides quality & insured electrical services to their customers at very competitive rates.

Our Electrician's provide a broad range of services including small electrical repairs and installations around the house to large commercial electrical services.

Our company and electricians are fully licensed to operate in commercial and industrial buildings or construction sites. Our electricians are up to speed on all building codes and requirements necessary to pursue safe electrical service to your building.


My parents instilled in me a hard work ethic with an attention to detail and quality. I knew I wanted to work in the electrical field and ended up moving to Vancouver after high school to pursue my career. I completed my training and electrical apprenticeship working on everything from single family dwellings, high rise apartment buildings, commercial offices and large commercial buildings.

I continued to work in Western Canada gaining a tremendous amount of experience. Every opportunity was a new experience working hands on as well as quickly taking on leadership responsibilities for testing, energizing & turning over electrical systems including lighting, switchgear, motor control & motors up to 13K volts with a great safety record delivering projects on time and on budget.

After a decade of being away, my heart belonged on the east coast. After gaining enough experience to handle any kind of job, I decided to comeback home and start Wadden Electric in 2012. I take great pride in ensuring that the work is up to the standards that were instilled in me as a young man and which I was taught throughout my career.